Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Making a comeback

So I haven't wrote in this blog in forever, even though before I wasn't consistently posting. The title still fits my life, because I am at a "new chapter" in my life. You see, I dated someone for basically four years, and recently went through a pretty tough break up that completely drained me, but at the same time made me see so many things. When something like this happens suddenly, it's kind of like a blur, and after you know it almost four months passes and you realize you're doing better than you thought you we're. Don't get me wrong, I'm very afraid of dating, or even trying to be with someone because all I know is being let down. My mom and my sisters laugh at me when I say it, and tell me that my perfect guy will come around some day.. I'm just going to do my own thing, if it happens, it happens. Anyways, if you ever think you can't get through something thought, you CAN! Don't lose sight of what really matters.. Like family and friends because let me tell you, you find out who your friends are. Back to the "new chapter" part again, I'm also so very excited and nervous to be moving away from home for the first time this summer. I'm moving to Auburn {WAR EAGLE}, and going to school. I'm excited for this new "chapter" in my life.. It's like I'm actually growing up. But, I'm excited to start blogging again, and to keep up with my hectic life, that I am so blessed to have.

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